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Product information

During the course of a lifetime, no other part of the body is subject to so much strain as our feet. They maintain the body's balance, absorb impact and bear the entire weight of the body. Birkenstock footwear is designed to offer optimal support.


When it comes to protecting the environment, Birkenstock has always been a leader.

The inspiration for Birkenstock products is drawn from nature. Consequently, the preservation of the environment has always been of crucial importance to us.

As early as 30 years ago, Birkenstock reduced energy consumption significantly by adopting new technology. In some processes, such as leather stamping, Birkenstock has managed to reduce energy consumption by 90 per cent.

In the mid 1980s, Birkenstock was one of the first manufacturers worldwide to use almost exclusively water-soluble and solvent-free adhesives in production.

Using mainly natural and renewable materials - such as cork, leather and felt - is another environmentally friendly aspect of our production. As an example, one of the materials we use is cork from cork oak bark. Cork has impressive characteristics: it is light-, heat- and cold-insulating, has an antibacterial effect, absorbs moisture and has a high degree of elasticity.